Sun. Nov 27th, 2022

About a month ago, Don Jazzy introduced Boy Spyce to the world.

Of course, some of us that were already living in the world already knew who he was. After all, about a year ago, we all retweeted that viral freestyle that ended up being the reason Mavin signed him.

Immediately, as is the Mavin tradition, a self-titled five-track EP followed and we got to get a real taste of what the kid’s about musically.

The EP was okay. Well, if you disregard the fact that it sounds like what any other artist can do, then I guess we can say it’s impressive. “Nobody” has been rolled out as a single and a video has been released since the first week.

Already, with so much music out these days, the focus has shifted from Boy Spyce. As a matter of fact, people are talking about the new Mavin song, “Overdose” more than they’re talking about “Boy Spyce.” Yeah, he’s had his own fifteen minutes of fame. It’s time to assess him.

I imagine that Don Jazzy would have some goals and expectations for him, and he may or may not have surpassed them. We’ll probably never know. But as fans, there’s a certain musical expectations we should have for new artists. Especially at a time like this where there is oversaturation in the music industry.

I’d say that while Boy Spyce hasn’t exactly impressed greatly, he hasn’t been a disappointment at all. He’s been just the right amount of appointment, and I guess that’s okay. But that won’t hold up to guys like Omah Lay whose debut “Get Layd” wowed everybody.

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Well, what do y’all think about Boy Spyce after one month?

Has Boy Spyce Lived Up To Expectations — Or He Needs More Time?